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Let your child discover a life-changing experience as they grow in technology and truly learn something this summer!

dr. george albercook works with a young man at rocks and robots summer camp

What Is Rocks & Robots?

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Simple to Use Robot Programming

With Drag and Drop Graphical User Interface, Any one Can Program!


It's Rocks & Robots This Year For The Kiddos!

3 Camp Locations in 2019


Changing Lives

Many of the campers at Rocks & Robots over the past 15 years are repeat campers. There is a certain passion developed during these mind expanding camp years that can change a child's vision of the future. Helping others with problem solving and making the world a better place.

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Learn, Build, Play

There is always room for some playtime especially after some deep-thinking. Kids discover their strongest character points at summer camps. Make it Rocks & Robots!

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Teamwork and Independence

Not only will campers learn critical thinking on their own, they will experience teamwork, and relationship building as they solve problems independently and in a team environment. Dr. George is passionate about the change these young minds can make at camp and at home.

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Make Lifelong Friends

Change The World! Invent Something!

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